Jonas Törnblad Sandell | Dec 21, 2018

The first certified integrators

The first certified integrators world wide!   Two candidates to become Certified Integrators has now achieved a qualifying score on their certification test. Ra [...]

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Nov 16, 2018

Certified Integrator launched at Nordic APIs

Certified Integrator launched at Nordic APIs At Nordic APIs in Stockholm last week, a new certification for the IT business was launched. Th [...]

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Certified Integrator
Oct 18, 2018

API Academy running for Volvo Cars

We're now going all in with API Management and APIs at Volvo Cars. By a three day academy for developers, Entiros will enable Volvo Cars, by [...]

Volvo Cars
API Management
API-focused Integration
Oct 15, 2018

Nordic APIs 2018 Platform Summit coming up

Just one week left to the Nordic APIs 2018 Platform Summit, the most global API conference on the planet. Entiros will of course be on site. [...]

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API Management
API-led Connectivity
API-focused Integration
Aug 28, 2018

How to get your APIs to fire on all cylinders - with Volvo Cars

#RedHatForum2018 is coming to the Nordics on september 5th and we will be there together with Volvo Cars. On stage we will talk about how Vo [...]

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Volvo Cars
API Management
Apr 19, 2018

Join us @ Radar i2i

Radar i2i is coming up on Tuesday the 24th of April. If you haven't decided to go yet, here is a treat: We will be there together with Bure [...]

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Radar i2i
Volvo Cars
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API LifeCycle
Feb 22, 2018

Webinar: Best practices of PSD2 API Management

Are your PSD2 APIs compliant? Are you managing your PSD2 APIs in the best way? We will show you a reference solution for PSD2 API Management [...]

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