CMOs and CIOs partnering to elevate the human experience

"The new world of marketing is personalized, contextualized, and dynamic." As a CMO I totally agree with this and we need to strive for a better human experience for our customers and users. 

Check out Deloittes article about "Beyond Marketing: Experience Reimagined" In the new world of marketing—personalized, contextualized, and dynamic—CMOs are partnering with their technology organizations to bring control of the human experience back in house, with a fresh arsenal of experience-focused marketing tools.


But how do we realize this personalized interaction and experience for our customers? Without an open Application Network allowing data to be gathered from and for those that need it, it won't be possible.

Connecting applications into an open application network will be key for every CMO to utilize the possibilities of "Beyond marketing". Reach out if you want to know how ;)