2018-11-30 | Team | Support

The Heroes of Support

Why we should be seen as heroes

That is a joke of course, or is it really? Every day we help different kinds of businesses. Everything from clothes, buses, media and something as wonderful as a company that ships insulin, to assure their information flows.. This proves the endless possibilities within the beautiful fluffy, cloudy and pink world of integrations. Oh, what a wonderful world! If you´re a night owl you have come to the right place, we also offer twenty-four seven support for those who want it. So companies do not need to worry if they're in a country far away or have business-critical data.


Why orderliness is so neat


Every support department needs structure in their daily work. We handle incidents from completely different customers and in order to do that we need to keep them separated. One way to do this is by writing and using our step by step guides to solve incidents as fast as possible before the business impact gets too high. The structure is also given by using ITIL when we classify and prioritize tickets. For example, incidents tend to have a higher priority than a change or a request fulfillment. To have some kind of perception on what needs need to be handled we use our own support-board in Jira. Jira is a tool for issue tracking that lies near our heart. One problem we struggle with is that we also have two other tools for our customers that we use externally. This means that there is quite a lot of administration that comes with the job.

ladda nedEvery day is just a ray of sunshine, or is it? Not quite. Here are some exciting challenges


There are a lot of different integrations that you need to know about. This is the biggest challenge, to know where data is coming from and where it should be sent. The next challenge is knowing which third-party organizations that are involved in the big hot messy soup. That could also be the fun part of being in the middle. Sometimes we can actually detect problems before the customer does, by doing that we can extinguish the fire before it burns down the whole company, so to speak. Think of it as a spider web, there are many threads to follow and we need to detangle to be able to point the customer in the right direction.

Something that we encounter every week is that the customer has not received an order or packlist and don´t know why. This is where we shine the most, we have ten different guides to help us through that. This is a very frustrating problem for the customer and could be critical. It could mean that they can´t sell clothes to their customers, even though they actually have the cartons right in front of them.

In every incident, we have to find out what went wrong, why, integration, who to contact and also try to solve it, or sometimes forward it to one of the other teams. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy to know what to look for. Because of that, we have to know a little about everything, due to the importance of seeing the connection between various problems.  In the end, it all comes down to a good documentation.

The importance of having tools that meets our needs


To get an understanding of a problem we need some tools to collect the right data. This is done by a logging tool where we can filter out from which integration we want the information from. We also use a database management system on a daily basis to check if an order is sent for example, or if a field is missing important data. You have to know how to filter out the relevant data or sort it in a big file. You may not want to spend hours doing something manually.


So to sum everything up, don´t you want to feel like a real hero? Well if you do, then you have come to the right place where everything is possible! Welcome to FlowCommand, the support team of Entiros Integrations.

We at Entiros Integrations are constantly looking for new heroes to join our squad. Contact us at hej@entiros.se to find out more, we look forward to hearing from you!