Mar 15, 2018 | Career | New Team Members

New entiros recruits

Entiros is growing in a rapid pace, with the expansion comes the addition of new recruits. During the past six months we have had the privilege of welcoming the following talents to the Entiros family:


Mikael Nyborg works with the operation and maintenance of IT systems, he is a so-called FlowOps and works in Linköping. When the day of work is over Mikael enjoys hockey and playing Battlefield. He refuses to disclose his hidden talent, with the motivation "then it would no longer be hidden" - very clever Micke...


Nadire Kirkdeveli is not only a specialist on support here at Entiros, she is also a specialist in the kitchen. When it comes to baking and sugarart, there are few who can measure themselves with her skill. If Nadire had to be the new addition to a box of crayons she would be the color of gold, because it's so valuable.


Jan-Olof is a new FlowArchitect, based in Gothenburg. His role is to get different computer systems to understand and communicate with each other (very complex stuff). Time off is preferably spent on travel and if Jan-Olof had to be a component in a passenger aircraft, he would be the black box, it always survives!


Lenny Börås works at the Gothenburg office and is what we call FlowLead, he knows how companies can gain more value through system integration. When he doesn´t work, spend time with his children or rides his bike over logs and rocks he thinks about what he would send to space in the hope of aliens finding it - the coordinates of his house, a beer and a värmländskt dictionary, sure, why not?


We also want to welcome Madhu Gangarapu as new FlowLead, Fredrik Tedgren to the supportteam and Susann Schelin as Team Captain and Project Manager for Team Voyager.


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