Oct 12, 2017 | PSD2 | Infographic | NextGenPSD2 | Timeline

The PSD2 timeline

To give a somewhat clearer picture of the process of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), we have created a timeline of the documents and deadlines presented by the European Banking Authority (EBA), regarding the interpretation of the PSD2 regulation.

In addition to the documents and deadlines provided by the EBA we also included some of the major events regarding the NextGenPSD2 from the Berlin Group.

The 'Berlin Group' is a pan-European payments interoperability standards and harmonisation initiative with the primary objective of defining open and common scheme- and processor-independent standards in the interbanking domain between Creditor Bank (Acquirer) and Debtor Bank (Issuer), complementing the work carried out by e.g. the European Payments Council. As such, the Berlin Group has been established as a pure technical standardisation body, focusing on detailed technical and organisational requirements to achieve this primary objective.


Download the clickable version with links to all sources and documents

PSD2 Timeline Infographic


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