May 30, 2017 | API | PSD2 | Open banking

PSD2 - Open banking, from internal to external APIs

Get all set and ready to meet the Open Banking and PSD2* regulations. With the right approach you can build a foundation for innovation. 

PSD2 - Open Banking - Open APIs

With public APIs, customers will have more options to interact with their bank. The bank will serve as a platform, on top of which third-party companies can build their own applications using the bank's data.

Open APIs** in financial services will open a lot of possibilities:

  • Easier customer interaction
  • Great third-party applications
  • Exciting new fintech innovations

Read more about Open banking and how PSD2 can enable innovation here.


* PSD2 = Revised Directive on Payment  Services

** APIs = Application Programming Interface = Standards that allow software components to communicate.