Do you avoid integration pitfalls?

Are you avoiding the integration pitfalls?

Optimizing your digital workflow has become a competitive factor in this world of process optimization and smarter revenue models.

We have seen a paradigm shift from flat process maps to clear routing of automated processes. Since the introduction of ISO:9001 companies have spent hours and hours trying to figure out “which processes are we using and how do they actually work”. The question companies are asking now is “how can we automate these processes?”. The simple answer is, by great IT development and smart system integrations. 

 process mapIn this line of work we are producing millions and millions of snippets of code, and more or less all are created differently.  That means we don’t always know who’s responsible for what, or even worse, we don’t know if the code is still running as planned. This is unsustainable production.

The solution to this is standardization!

If you are a manager of a company you’re probably spending painful time and money on automation. Wouldn't you like to be ensured that your spendings are according to budget?  On the flip side, if you are a technician, wouldn’t you like to feel confident that your production will meet the standard, and by doing so, stand the test of time?

Entiros Integrations have launched a clear and understandable quality standard for system integration where all integrations are made in a traceable, documented and scalable way.

We want to challenge and develop the world of integrations and this standard is truly a huge step towards that goal.

The standard is named Certified Integrator and will provide guidance for you as a company leader, to be able to refer to the standard for quality measurement. It will also ensure premium quality of your work if you are the technician, which in the long run will score you more assignments.

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