Nordic APIs 2018 Platform Summit coming up

Just one week left to the Nordic APIs 2018 Platform Summit, the most global API conference on the planet. Entiros will of course be on site. Most of you already know that we eat APIs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But this time we are in place with an even more important message.  

As more and more developers are expected to integrate applications and systems, integration is being distributed to more and more people. Great for efficiency, but it also creates a risk that the integration landscape will be a mess of what we call API spaghetti, with even more headache than before. As integrators in pursuit of developing the integration industry, we at Entiros have created a certification for all developers which lists the 10 most important points for an "end-to-end" integration and the 5 most important points for an integration landscape, all to end this frustration.

At 10.30am on Wednesday the 24th of October Gustav Rosén, CEO of Entiros, will be on stage with a clear message:

Do You Know the Best Practices of Integration? Prove It – with a Certification

Stay up-to-date on the best practices in end-to-end integration and integration landscapes. See how you can join the certified professionals building integrations faster and smarter.

At 14.45pm same day we will also demo Certified Integrator and the 15 points for a successful integration. Read More

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Nordic APIs The 2018 Platform Summit
October 22-24 Stockholm


Attend the most global API conference on the planet. As we reach universal standardization through
API-based communication, discover the standards and best practices that are relevant today and that will propel web API practice into the future. A curated international event featuring top API speakers from across the world. Read more