Jan 29, 2024 | Entiros | Starlify | Integration

Entiros launches Starlify in Swedish cloud service approved by SKR

In a groundbreaking move, Entiros unveiled Starlify, a cutting-edge solution designed to address public sector organizations' pervasive challenges in managing their system landscapes. The lack of clarity and understanding of the current state often hinders effective decision-making, leading to increased costs and inefficiencies in IT projects.


Starlify Launches in Swedish Cloud Service Endorsed by SKR

Entiros proudly announces the official launch of Starlify in a Swedish cloud service approved by SKR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions). This strategic move positions Starlify as a secure and reliable solution for public sector entities in Sweden.

Revolutionizing System Overview and Efficiency

Public sector organizations have started using the tool to find dependencies and improve efficiency. From before, among others, Volvo Cars, with one of Sweden's largest application networks, uses Starlify. Entiros is now looking forward to further collaborations to support Sweden's municipalities and regions in their challenges.

Addressing Critical Issues in Public Sector IT

The struggle to understand the system's current state in the public sector often results in ineffective strategies, resource wastage, and budget breaches. In addition, it becomes difficult to see and follow the benefits and effects of the projects. As an example, over SEK 3 billion (2018), out of a total of SEK 9.4 billion, went to projects where the benefit or effect could not be followed after the end of the project. This ultimately impacts the ability to deliver high-quality services to the community. Starlify aims to rectify this by providing a user-friendly tool to collect and create comprehensive overviews of systems and applications.

Key Features and User Benefits

Starlify facilitates quick mapping and visualization, enabling efficient planning before implementing changes. This occurs within a secure environment that fosters collaboration between internal and external suppliers. Crucially, the tool supports the creation of efficient management processes for sensitive information, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Anders Holmstrand, Product Manager at Starlify, Comments:

"Starlify empowers public sector organizations to take control of their system landscape and effectively manage changes with insight and security. Our presence at the Solutions for Public Sector trade show in January offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn more about our tool and discuss their challenges in IT projects and change work."