Download the updated PSD2 API Swagger

Our NextGenPSD2 API Swagger draft just got updated. Now neatly presented as live docs in our just-released PSD2 Value Added Network.


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This draft is made from the the marketing consultation, NextGenPSD2 documentation from the Berlin Group. The consultation ended 17th of November and we are now waiting for the final results. There is no set date for the release, December 2017 was first mentioned, but we are probably looking at a January release. See more dates and releases in our PSD2 Timeline

API Swagger version 1.0.5 Release Notes

• The Swagger presented in an API-portal with live docs.
• Splitted the Swagger to better reflect the implementation guidelines and enable subscription for only the needed service instead of the compleate XS2A API.
• Edited and added more resourses and more complete request response examples to the different resources.

Download the NextGenPSD2 API Swagger