Nov 12, 2018 | Educational

Breakfast seminar - Certified Integrator

Breakfast Seminar: Uncovering Certified Integrator - A Best Practice for Integration Development

Are you working with Scrum, Agile and ITIL? Is integration development an area that often suffers from problems, project delays or malfunctions? Have you ever wanted more order, structure and control of the integration landscape from your role perspective? Would you value a certification that differentiates you and your colleagues' competences from the competition in the integration industry?

Then Entiros breakfast seminar, Uncovering Certified Integrator, is something for you and your colleagues. Take part of an overall presentation of what business benefits you can achieve by utilizing internal or external service delivery of integrations based on a technology-neutral and open-minded best practice for integration development.


Training and certification of the first Certified Integrator Developers in industry-leading companies in Sweden is currently underway and is leading the way in the integration industry, where Certified Integrator - as a framework for how quality assured, efficient and structured integration development is implemented - is at the forefront.


Make yourself and your integration strategy a favour, get your own reduced cost voucher for you or your coworkers to be certified. Fralla and coffee will be served.


Breakfast seminar at Scandic Continental in Stockholm City

Thursday 22 November, 07:30 - 09:30

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Breakfast seminar at Victoria Towers Scandic in Kista

Friday 23 November, 08.00 - 09.00

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