Webinar: Best practices of PSD2 API Management

We will show you a reference solution for PSD2 API Management with practical example implementations from RedHat 3scale API Management and the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 Framework 1.0. We will show how PSD2 fits in your API Management strategy and your overall integration strategy.

By watching the webinar you will get your hands on a reference solution for great PSD2 API Management:

  • PSD2 API Developer Portal & Gateway Security
  • PSD2 API Onboarding with the API Lifecycle
  • How PSD2 fits in your API Management strategy

Presented by:

  • Jonas Törnblad Sandell, Moderator, CMO at Entiros Integrations
  • Gustav Rosén, CEO & Integration Architect at Entiros Integrations
  • Darren Long, API Specialist at RedHat